Damaged and Flawed

hey there again! I realized I’m the kind of person that sees with their eyes. I love seeing beauty. I admire a creative design. And have passion for colors and perfection. Anything pretty… pretty much makes me happy. When clothes and colors match or coincide i feel a relief. Aesthetics are my hobby.  I guess that is also why i love fashion so much, because it catches the eye of the spectator in away that is striking and flawless. Everything that reality isn’t. Which is unfortunate for someone like me who,  expects and admires beauty and then sees society and humanity… damaged and flawed.  But being damaged and flawed has its own beauty… it shares stories and shows strength. and hope! Those are all beautiful things too… so what if beauty and perfection is the ugly one. What if having strength, being caring and having hope for others is stunning… if that’s the case than society is upside down and  we should set it right side up!

In the land of Gods and Monsters
I was an Angel
Living in the garden of evil
Screwed up, scared, doing anything that I needed

“Gods and Monsters” // Lana Del Rey


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