My Top 5 Travel Apps

Hi hi hi!!! It’s been eons since I’ve posted and I’m oh so very sorry! Hopefully I can make up for it with this post. This fall semester I will be studying abroad in Canterbury, England. I am beyond excited and so I’ve been doing a lot of research on countries and cities within England and all through Europe. In the future I’ll be posting more of my preparations and experiences abroad, but for now I’m starting simple with a few must-have apps I’ll need when studying abroad.

We all are familiar with the basic suggested travelling apps like WhatsApp or Trip Adviser, which are just as necessary but i researched some cool, trendy apps that will get you even more excited to travel. So lets get straight to it!


5. App in the Air

This app allows you to stay up to date with your flight information including your flight’s status (gate number, terminal) take-off & landing times and any gate changes. What makes this app different from an airline app is that it gives you gate and security wait times so you’re able to plan your time wisely!IMG_4450

4. Airbnb

Airbnb has gained popularity through the years because it allows travelers and back packers alike to find an accommodation at a fair p17-airbnb-logo.w190.h190.2xrice. It’s easy to find the perfect place to catch some Zzz… because of their specific filters. You can filter by guests, price, and even WiFi. Each listing comes with an abundance of information and includes pictures and a detailed description of the room and the amenities. The feature that gives me the most relief is not only the many reviews posted by past occupants but also the host contact where you can chat with the host especially if you have any questions or concerns (which of course I always do…)!


3. XE Currency / Convert Units Free

Both these apps go hand in hand, the main feature being that it converts currency. Both are able to convert currencies like the U.S. dollar to euros, pounXE-Currency-Appds and vice versa. The apps both can convert currency, but each app has its own unique feature. In the Convert Units app, you’re not only able to convert currency but also length, weight, time and temperature (along with some other units). This is especially convenient for an American like me who has no idea how to use the metric system (America you just had to be different…). Although the XE Currency app doesn’t include the unit conversions, its key feature is the live market rates. Every 60 seconds the app will reload its currency charts, updating the conversions so you have the most accurate exchange.icon175x175
2. Duolingo

This app was almost going to be number one (but that just means the next is that great!) This app you may have seen featured as one of the best new apps. This is your go to app for learning the basics of any country’s language when travelling. The app uses mini games that makes learning a language more enjoyable along with beating your high scores every time you play. The icon320x320app is completely free and you can choose from languages like French, German, Italian and more. What I loved about the app is that  if you previously studied a language you can take a placement test to start right where you left off. If you love languages like I do and you want to avoid spending too much money on just learning the basics, this app is the most amazing resource! (how cute is their owl logo!!!)

1. Hitlist

This is my number one because it’s everything I’ve ever wanted in an app! Plan where you want to travel to and from, for how long and this app will find the cheapest air fares from all over, and i mean seriously cheap! If you couldn’t find any results for the dates yologo-1200x1200.398b25cd3c13u wanted, the app will send you notifications for when they find new flights. You can explore genres of places like Italian adventures, student hit lists or even James Bond film locations on the Explore tab. You can further explore your trips by adding it to the My Trips tab where you can keep track of flight prices and your destinations. Your dreams literally can become reality!!! I seriously love this app and you should download it. (okay i’ll stop being so pushy now…)

Image by Susannah,


I hope you guys enjoyed this post because I know I enjoyed writing it! T-minus 11 days until I leave for England. Hopefully I can get another relevant travelling post in before I leave. If you guys found this post helpful it would mean alot if you could comment and/or share. If you have any questions and concerns please do comment!!! And of course Happy Travels!

Flying all around, never looking down
No I’ve never felt more alive.
Journeys going fast
I hope it’s gonna last
Cause I’ve never felt more alive. Oh.

“Taste It” // Jake Bugg


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