Quick Check-In!

Hello there! Jen here. I just noticed lots of upcoming music releases around the end of this week and also some recent releases. I will most definitely be reviewing some and hopefully, they will become my new favorites! Here are some recent and upcoming album release dates:

Badlands // Halsey – August 28

WILD // Troye Sivan – September 4

I Am // Leona Lewis – September 11

GO:OD AM // Mac Miller – September 18

Honeymoon // Lana Del Rey – September 18 (extremely excited about this one!!!!)

Crosseyed Heart // Kieth Richards – September 18

Just to name a few! 5 days until I’m off to England and I still am not packed. Expect an update post this weekend from England!!! Also await for the album review! I’d also like to start posting playlists on my Music tab (sorry for the scrambled thoughts tonight)! Lots coming in the future…Until next time… or this weekend.

Somebody told the stars you’re not coming out tonight
And so they found a place to hide.

“Black Treacle” // Arctic Monkeys


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